ChargeHub eMobility Service Provider (eMSP)


Powerful eMSP solution to offer your clients access to any public charging station in the USA and Canada, offer live status of stations and payment with a single account

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You want to offer ease of charging through a single account to your customers but you do not have an eMSP solution? No problem!

The ChargeHub eMSP solution requires zero development and maintenance on your part and lets your customers find all public stations in the USA and Canada. Additionally, it gives your customers the ability to activate and pay at more than 80,000 charging stations. You can also offer incentives such as public charging credits via the application.

  • Free, easy to use and loved by users (rated 4.7 in App store)

  • Find 100% of stations in North America

  • Check charging status on most stations in North America

  • Pay with a single account at more than 80 000 charging stations in North America 

  • Powered by the largest independent community of EV enthusiasts

  • Multiple filters, trip planner and most accurate and detailed information

Why Partner With ChargeHub?

ChargeHub - EV Community

Our community

Powered by the largest independent EV community in the USA and Canada

EV Industry partners

Our partners

Partner of EV industry leaders

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Our expertise

Renowned EV software & technical expertise

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Our data

Premium data quality supported by a dedicated data team


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When we came across Charge Hub, the value was immediately apparent. One relationship, one system, one integration, and access to a majority of the publicly facing charging networks. 

Jeremy Dewey, Manager
EV Operations at Holman
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What are the compatible networks / CPOs with the ChargeHub eMobility Service Provider (eMSP) Solution?

Electric Circuit


Shell Recharge



EV Smart



Coop Connect

EVolve NY

FPL Evolution

Zef Energy


Newfoundland Hydro

EV Gateway



Duke Energy


RL Énergie

How can my clients use the ChargeHub eMobility service provider (eMSP) solution?

Your clients can use the ChargeHub eMobility service provider (eMSP) solution to find stations and pay for their charging sessions via the ChargeHub mobile app, or web browser accessible via their infotainment screens. Alternatively, the ChargeHub application can be integrated in your software environment via APIs. We are here to help, so please contact us  and we will see what works best for you.

How can I use the ChargeHub eMobility service provider (eMSP) solution to offer EV charging incentives to stimulate EV adoption?

The ChargeHub eMobility service provider (eMSP) solution is a great tool to deliver incentives such as charging credits to your clients. The incentives can be delivered directly to client accounts based on your company needs. This process can be automated and will require minimum efforts on your end.

How can my clients pay for their charging?

Your clients can link a credit card to their ChargeHub account to pay for charging. It can be possible to use corporate credit cards as well as other payment options. Please reach out to us with your specific needs. We always try to help!

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