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An illustration of the Passport Hub Solution, multiple public charging stations on multiple networks are all connected & communicating with ChargeHub

The Only Scalable Solution to Streamline EV Roaming


Passport EV Roaming Hub: A single technical, commercial, legal and accounting integration to offer EV roaming on multiple charging networks (CPOs).

The Most Complete and Comprehensive Interactive Public EV Stations Map in North America


ChargeHub EV Charging Map: A ready-to-use map constantly updated by the #1 independent community of users EV chargers  to integrate in your application, infotainment system (e.g. Android Automotive) or website, covering 100% of stations in the US and Canada.

An illustration of the ChargeHub EV Charging map, shows a vehicle traveling along the roadway with map markers indicating public charging stations of different networks & levels.
Illustration of the ChargeHub data team collecting, analyzing & displaying data augmented by the ChargeHub community

The Best and Most Complete EV Charging Location Data (POI Data)

ChargeHub Premium EV Charging Data (POI data): Aggregated, accurate and up-to-date EV charging location data augmented by the ChargeHub EV community. 

Engage Directly with EV Drivers who Charge at Your Clients’ Stations


EV Driver Engagement Solution
: Meet the EV community and engage with thousands of EV drivers to improve their charging experience and get valuable feedback from them.

Illustration of the ChargeHub EV Driver engagement solution, shows an EV driver communicating through ChargeHub to the network provider for assistance or feedback.

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