EV Charging Solution Portal


Offer your clients exclusive branded public charging credits and the best-selling chargers


Buying An EV Also Means Buying The Charging!

Whether you are an automaker, a car dealer group or an electric utility, we can help you get a maintenance free EV Charging solution portal to offer public charging credits to your clients and the best-selling EV chargers with minimum efforts on your end.

  • Provide public charging credit incentives

  • Offer best-selling chargers 

  • Free, easy integration and maintenance free

  • We manage inventories and shipping

  • The portal integrates your branding


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We have partnered with ChargeHub to develop a branded EV Charging Solution Portal that enables Hyundai Canada to easily sell and distribute home chargers to customers and the dealership network nationally. In addition to the turnkey service at no cost, it allows us to offer public charging incentives with other partners as well.

Hyundai Canada
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When the Electric Circuit decided to develop a marketplace as an added value for its members to sell home chargers, it was a no-brainer for us to work with ChargeHub since they offer a turnkey solution, including customer support, shipping and the software infrastructure at no cost".

France Lampron
Director – Development of customer offers, Energy and Mobility, at Hydro-Quebec and head of Electric Circuit.

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How can I offer public charging credits?

Charging credits can be offered to your customers or a specific group of drivers. The credits can be redeemed and used in the ChargeHub app.

Public charging credits can be a simple gift or incentive to put in place if you are looking to offer the equivalent of a gas card, or to incentivize a specific population segment like drivers who don’t have access to home charging.

What kind of chargers can I sell?

The ChargeHub EV Charging Solution portal comes with a wide selection of the most popular home chargers in Canada. It is also possible to customize the product offering to cater to your specific requirements.

Can I add other products to the online store?
Yes, you can add other products to the online store.
How much does it cost to set up the online store?

We offer this service for free.


Is my company going to receive a retribution when products are sold via the portal?

It depends on the volume of products sold. Partners work with us to offer their clients the convenience of easily getting exclusive public charging credits and buying home chargers. ChargeHub is responsible for maintaining the online store and landing page on top of handling customer service and shipping.

How is my brand going to be integrated in the portal?

The portal will be branded with your logo and brand colors. At the bottom of the landing page, we will show that it is powered by ChargeHub. Here are examples of portals we have created: HyundaiElectric Circuit

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