EV Driver Engagement


Engage with EV drivers who charge at your stations and improve customer satisfaction.

EV Driver engagement

The EV Drivers Engagement Solution is where the Industry Meets the EV Community

Whether you want to engage directly with EV drivers who use your charging stations or control the quality of pictures submitted in the ChargeHub application, this solution is your gateway to better customer satisfaction.

  • Engage directly with thousands of EV drivers

  • Make sure customers have the best and most accurate information about your stations

  • Upload and feature the best photos of your charging stations

  • Gather valuable customer feedback and information

  • Post announcements on your stations to let drivers know about any up-coming / on-going issues


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As a charging site owner it is incredibly important to let drivers know the statuses of our chargers, including any downtime. We use ChargeHub solutions to communicate seamlessly with our community to increase EV driver satisfaction.

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Reach out to our team of experts for more information on how the EV Driver Engagement Solution works, and why it's a good fit for you!

How can I use the EV Driver Engagement Solution?

Please, contact us to connect your charging stations to ChargeHub. This is the first step to start using the solution.

How much does the EV Driver Engagement Solution cost?

It is a free solution for ChargeHub partners who have connected their charging stations to ChargeHub. Please, contact us to connect your charging stations to ChargeHub. 

Do I need to have implemented the Passport Hub solution to use the EV Driver Engagement Solution?

No. All you need to do is to contact us to connect your charging stations to ChargeHub.

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