ChargeHub EV Charging Map


Most complete and comprehensive interactive public EV stations map in the USA and Canada


The ChargeHub EV Charging Map is Ready-to-Use and Updated by the #1 Independent Community of Users

It can be integrated in your website, application and infotainment system (e.g. Android Automotive) covering 100% of stations in the US and Canada.

  • Free, easy to integrate and maintenance free

  • Covers 100% of stations in the USA and Canada

  • Charging status available on most network stations in USA and Canada

  • Powered by the largest independent community of EV enthusiasts

  • Multiple filters, trip planner and most accurate and detailed information available

Why Partner With ChargeHub?

ChargeHub - EV Community

Our Community

Powered by the largest independent EV community in the USA and Canada

EV Industry partners

Our Partners

Partner of EV industry leaders

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Our Expertise

Renowned EV software & technical expertise

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Our Data

Premium data quality supported by a dedicated data team

Map Embed Generator

Easily embed and customize the ChargeHub Map on your web page or blog. Customize parameters such as:

  • Region: Choose a region for the default location.

  • Size / Style : Choose the size & style of the map embed.

  • Connector type : Choose which connectors you want to display on your embedded map

  • Filter by networks : Select which networks you would like shown on your embedded map

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What data sources are used to generate the ChargeHub EV Charging Map?

The ChargeHub EV Charging Map is a unique product created with data from our partnerships with different charging networks and public data providers. What sets us apart is our dedicated team of data scientists in charge of constantly improving the information. Additionally, our data is amplified by an active community of 1 million users who contribute to improving the quality of our data. This is how the ChargeHub EV Charging Map offers the highest quality and reliability when it comes to public charging stations information.

How can I get the ChargeHub EV Charging Map?

The first step is to extract a free map from our generator. This will give you a good idea of how it can be used and integrated. For more information, you can contact us.

How much does it cost to get the ChargeHub EV Charging Map?

Using the map generator is free. If you have other needs, you can contact us.

How do I integrate the map on my application?

There are several systems and approaches to integrate the ChargeHub EV Charging Map in your application. We need to understand a little bit more about your needs to help you. Please, contact us.

Can I show statistics on my website?

Yes. We have an easily embeddable tool that can display charging station statistics in your region. of interest. Contact us to learn more.

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