This landmark partnership ushers in a new era for EV charging, promising greater convenience, security, and efficiency for EV owners across North America.

Irdeto, the world leader in digital platform cybersecurity, today announces the strategic collaboration and partnership with ChargeHub, the leading roaming interoperability hub in the North American market for electric vehicle (EV) charging. This groundbreaking alliance of Irdeto’s CrossCharge and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) tools with ChargeHub’s cutting-edge eRoaming interoperability Passport Hub platform brings to life a seamless, user-friendly, and secure Plug & Charge solution. This partnership will provide an easy way for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs) to integrate Plug & Charge capabilities, contributing to the development of a more user-friendly EV charging infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada.

ChargeHub is renowned for Passport Hub, the number one solution in North America to enable the entire industry to easily interconnect and provide EV roaming to drivers in the U.S. and Canada. Currently, Passport Hub serves more than 25 charging point operators and industry partners and provides access to over 75,000 charging ports that can be activated and paid for via a single account, including with the popular ChargeHub application.

The company is the first in North America to develop and test Plug & Charge to its network through Irdeto’s CrossCharge. EV drivers will have a more seamless and convenient charging experience without having to navigate between multiple apps and payment methods.

For CPOs and eMSPs, Plug & Charge represents a more streamlined approach to EV charging and better experience for their customers. By establishing a chain of trust among all parties, it enables efficient contract validation, transparent billing, and secure payment settlements.

Staying compliant with standards, including ISO 15118, is a significant consideration for both CPOs and eMSPs. This standard focuses on the communication between EVs and charging stations, ensuring a seamless and secure charging process. This partnership will make compliance with these standards easier.

“Plug & Charge is an emerging payment method for EV charging, providing a user-friendly and secure experience,” said Simon Ouellette, CEO at ChargeHub. “Irdeto’s solution perfectly complements the ChargeHub platform, creating a synergy that is set to redefine EV charging experience.”

Irdeto’s solution provides seamless integration with existing platforms. Furthermore, it expedites the time-to-market for a Plug & Charge solution, thanks to Irdeto’s in-house PKI system, distinguishing it from other solutions that depend on external PKI suppliers. Irdeto’s Keys and Credentials PKI security service has issued over 1 billion certificates and established a security foundation by managing the root of trust of over 300 million devices.

“As electric vehicle adoption continues to rise, the industry seeks enhanced solutions for providing convenient, swift, and equitable access to public EV charging. By leveraging Irdeto’s platform, ChargeHub can better cater to the needs of EV drivers, offering eMSPs unhindered access to one of the largest CPO’s networks,” said Niels Haverkorn, SVP, New Markets at Irdeto.

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About ChargeHub

ChargeHub is renowned for its North American roaming interoperability hub – Passport Hub – to support the entire industry to easily interconnect and enable large scale EV roaming to drivers. The company’s unique expertise helps eMSPs and CPOs to streamline, simplify and scale roaming interoperability integrations. This major breakthrough has significantly simplified charging for EV drivers and will help accelerate EV adoption. ChargeHub is also the largest network-independent community-driven EV charging app, with over 1 million annual users.