ChargeHub provides VinFast customers seamless access and payment to more than 85,000 EV charging stations in the US and Canada

Thanks to ChargeHub’s Passport Hub EV roaming solution, VinFast is taking advantage of a turnkey integration to the largest pool of Charging Site Operators in the US and Canada to provide the best charging experience.


March 21st 2024 - Montreal & Toronto, Canada


ChargeHub, provider of the Passport Hub, the largest roaming interoperability hub in North America, is partnering with VinFast to offer its clients hassle-free access and payment on over 85,000 EV charging stations. “Working with ChargeHub has enabled VinFast to offer the quickest and simplest access to thousands of chargers on several charging networks and the opportunity to offer charging incentive promotions to our customers”, said Robert Muller, Deputy CEO of VinFast Canada.


VinFast is leveraging all of ChargeHub’s Passport Hub connections to more than 20 Charging Site Operators (CSOs) in the US and Canada. This is made possible for VinFast by their integration with North America’s leading “all-in-one” roaming hub through a single commercial agreement, technical integration and financial reconciliation framework. This provides many benefits not just for Vinfast, but for all connections in the Passport Hub, as it simplifies the complexities of multi-partner integration, communication, and remuneration between distinct and varying businesses.


“From an operational standpoint, VinFast has taken a strategic path to tackle the growing problem of building connections with multiple CSOs in the most efficient way without taxing its internal resources. We understand that managing this critical need of providing EV Roaming for automakers is of utmost importance but since it is not part of their core business, we have developed a turnkey solution for them”, said Simon Ouellette, CEO of ChargeHub. 


This kind of partnership is made easy by ChargeHub’s dedicated technical team, that have developed a recipe for success and quick implementation of the Passport Hub: 

  1. Defining the partner’s OCPI (or proprietary) protocol preference
  2. Software integration
  3. In-depth onsite or remote testing at ChargeHub’s EV roaming lab
  4. Launch in the partner’s application
  5. Quick and seamless addition of new CSOs of interest to the partner to the OCPI feed as they become available, without the need for new agreements


Since their first vehicle delivery, VinFast has enabled its drivers to complete thousands of charging sessions via its mobile application thanks to the Passport Hub EV roaming solution. The next step is to add the Plug and Charge capability via the Passport Hub to deliver the best charging experience to VinFast drivers, once again with the support of ChargeHub.


Post by ChargeHub
Mar 21, 2024 6:00:00 AM