ChargeHub's intuitive technology enables fleet customers to easily access public charging stations and streamlines charging session payment

ChargeHub, developer of the largest network-independent community-driven EV charging app, today announced a new collaboration with Holman, a global automotive services organization, which is poised to help commercial fleet operators simplify public charging for their electric vehicles (EVs). The innovative solution leverages ChargeHub's proprietary application to provide easy and convenient access to more than 80,000 reliable charging locations throughout the United States and Canada while also seamlessly processing payment, enhancing the public charging experience for drivers and further streamlining the transition to EVs for fleet operators.

ChargeHub is renowned for its unsurpassed knowledge of the EV driver experience as well as the company's intuitive ChargeHub mobile app which helps more than 1 million users locate public charging stations and process payment. This powerful technology allows fleet operators and their drivers to access charging stations from across a number of different public charging networks through a single account, eliminating the need to manage multiple accounts for each individual network. Through its collaboration with Holman, fleet operators are also able to monitor and track all charging costs in one centralized location, eliminating potential blind spots or gaps in information while also alleviating a significant administrative burden.

"This is an exciting time for commercial fleets to use the ChargeHub application as their gateway to a growing but fragmented ecosystem of charging networks," said Simon Ouellette, CEO, ChargeHub. "We continue to increase the number of compatible charging stations across the United States and Canada to make our ChargeHub app, solution of choice for commercial fleet operators. Our shared goal with Holman is to help fleet operators simplify and accelerate their transition to EVs through innovative technology designed to enhance the experience of driving an electric vehicle."

The ChargeHub application's eMSP service is powered by ChargeHub's Passport Hub which is the leading roaming hub in the United States and Canada. The Passport EV Roaming Hub enables eMobility Service Providers (eMSPs) of all types to access the charging stations of multiple Charging Point Operators (CPOs) without the multiplication of business agreements, legal agreement, technical integrations and reconciliation processes. As more eMSPs connect to the Passport Hub, more EV drivers gain seamless access to more charging stations which they can activate using any eMSP account they prefer. With more than 25 partners and a coverage of more than 70% of networked CCS and J1772 chargers in the United States and Canada, Passport Hub is growing fast and has established itself as the market leader in the North American EV roaming space.

By providing access to any public charging station in the United States and Canada along with real-time availability of stations and payment via a single account and digital wallet, the ChargeHub application is one of the most popular charging applications available today with ratings of 4.7 on Apple's App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, it is powered by the largest network-independent community of EV drivers who contribute information such as pictures and comments to provide the best charging experience to the EV community.

"As a growing number of organizations continue to embrace electric vehicles, convenient access to the full range of the public charging infrastructure is vital to mitigating range anxiety and making the transition to EVs as seamless as possible," said Emily Graham, Director of Sustainability & Electrification as a Service (EaaS), Holman. "ChargeHub's vision for the optimal EV ownership experience aligns perfectly with the experience we strive to provide to our customers and their drivers and we're excited to leverage the natural synergies of our organizations to provide this innovative solution to fleet operators throughout North America."

The powerful electric mobility service provider (eMSP) application provided by ChargeHub may require close to zero development and maintenance from partners and the integration is simplified by a dedicated team of software developers, EV charging industry experts and data scientists.

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About Holman

Holman is a global automotive leader that serves both commercial and consumer clients The Holman Way by always doing the right thing for our people, our customers, and the community since 1924. The Holman story began nearly a century ago as a single Ford dealership in New Jersey. Today, Holman, headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, is one of the largest family-owned automotive service organizations in North America with more than 6,500 employees across North America, the UK, and Germany.

Holman delivers a unique range of automotive-centric services including industry-leading fleet management and leasing; vehicle fabrication and upfitting; component manufacturing and productivity solutions; powertrain distribution and logistics services; commercial and personal insurance and risk management; and retail automotive sales as one of the largest privately owned dealership groups in the United States. Guided by its deeply rooted core values and principles, Holman is continuously Driving What's Right. For additional information, please visit and connect with Holman on LinkedInInstagram, and Facebook.

About ChargeHub

ChargeHub is the largest network-independent community-driven EV charging app, with over 1 million annual users. Our application helps drivers find all public charging stations in the US and Canada, check their availability and pay for their charging with a single account on more than 80 000 charging stations.

ChargeHub is also renowned for its North American EV roaming hub - Passport Hub. The Passport EV roaming Hub supports the entire EV industry by enabling seamless interconnections across multiple eMSP solutions and CPOs without the need to multiply business and legal agreements, technical integrations and accounting reconciliations processes. The company's unique expertise helps eMSPs and CPOs streamline, simplify and scale roaming interoperability integrations.

By simplifying charging for EV drivers and the industry, ChargeHub contributes to accelerating EV adoption.